Elegy: Shades of Lost Love

She glides.
Stately. Serene. Superior.
Step after step, one bronzed leg after the other.
The ground kisses the soles of such delicate feet. Footsteps
Whisper and murmur soft, sweet nothings as if to a lover.
They draw ever nearer. Eager ears pick up their whisper.
Excited eyes strain themselves to catch but a glimpse of this
Cleopatra, the reality of her radiance far outstripping the weak
Rumours of ages long past.
No! This is a totally different level!

Her dark, captivating eyes look straight ahead,
Oblivious to the very effect her presence causes.
Proud Cleopatra glides along her path, unconcerned with what is around,
With what is quaking at her presence.
The heart, haunted by the splendour of this
Ravishing Aphrodite, palpitates and quivers.
Faster and faster it beats in wild anticipation
As the simultaneous object and subject of its hot desire draws ever nearer.

Her sublime face seems to shine in the sun.
Breathtaking beauty.
A perfectly perched nose positioned over lips of
Pure promise. Her smile positively drips honey.
And those eyes…
Those incredibly arresting
Sweet Cleopatra glides forward.
The haunted heart leaps in tormented joy.
The eager eyes stare and stare and will her
To stare back,
Just to bless them with her favour.

The Aphrodite continues her delicate trek.
A jewel to adorn the daylight!
Posture sure and erect.
Regal head held high.
Shoulders straight.
Tender, swaying hands.
Bountiful breasts with enough verve to
Challenge all comers.
Tiny waist.
Curving hips.
Sculpted calves.
Dainty feet.
Charm to make even beasts
Pause and stare, and the flowers to
Bow in reverent acceptance of defeat.
What divine creature is this that happens
To be walking along this way?

Cleopatra glides onward. She is mere meters away now.
O poor, tortured heart, behold thy queen!
Behold thy love!
Music erupts from the very air.
The wind seems to support her,
To dance around her and to rustle her clothes playfully. Her delectable perfume fills these nostrils
Which inhale desperately as if it had been
Life-giving oxygen.
And then it happens:
Her eyes meet the excited eyes that had
Silently willed her to look. They gaze at her.
She gazes back!
And deep inside, those eyes reflect
Every sacred hope and long-held dream,
Every yearning desire,
Every tender emotion.
For this Aphrodite is nothing like the
Heartless goddess of old.
No, she is sweet and gentle and
Kind and caring. She seeks not control and sport, but
True love.

For a moment all time freezes.
The spark ignites and calls forth a
Blazing, roaring, smouldering fire.
Two hearts have
Become one.
Yet, alas! The moment is short-lived!
Darling Cleopatra glides away…

She passes, mere inches away.
Her body brushes against this trembling frame
Ever so slightly.
Her perfume lingers on the wind.
She has passed now. She turns her head
And those enchanting eyes slice into
A soul that offers all the resistance of
Melted butter.
One last look between lovers…?
Her smile reaches to the core and
Warms the ice and snow of
Solitude and despair.
But the smile turns sad and
Aphrodite turns her royal head and walks on.

The ice reforms.

Saddened eyes watch as
Cleopatra glides away.
The terrified heart silently pleads with her,
Begging her to halt her steps.
Trembling lips part to utter desperate pleas
But a whirlwind envelops her, drowning out all else.
Frantic feet move to chase after her…!
Powerless hands reach out to touch her.
But the whirlwind spirits her away.

Mark Antony has lost yet again…

Cleopatra glides away into
Unknown regions.
Utterly lovely.
And wholly unreachable…


About walkabwoy

Young. Intellectual. Spiritual. Pragmatic. Talented. Seeker of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. Musician. Writer. Human. Ordinary. Extraordinary. Passionate. Friend. Humble. These are a few words I would use to describe myself. I'm simply a young man in search of something bigger and better in life; not merely in the socio-economic sphere, but in the holistic sense. Life is not simply the biological process of living or the social process of existing.
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3 Responses to Elegy: Shades of Lost Love

  1. Denice says:

    Aldane, you are doing great.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tonilawr says:

    This poem is absolute beauty.. yet so sad.. I’d like to know you have a continuation where they meet again


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