I Want to Write Words

(Literally just before retiring in the wee hours of the morning today a flash of inspiration bolted my mind. I heeded its beckoning and wrote. I’ll leave you guys to decide whether it was a flash of sheer brilliance or mere fools’ gold :-P. I can only hope it’s the former.)


I want to write words to make you smile.
I want to watch the light illuminate your eyes then spread to your lips.
I want to see those delicate features come alive with mirth.
I want to witness the beauty that is your smile…

I want to write words to make you blush.
I want to watch that hot rush of blood race to your cheeks.
I want to see you struggle to hide something you’d much rather show to the world
But keep in for the sake of sheer shyness.

I want to write words to make you dream.
I want to concoct visions of love in your head.
I want to make those dreams sweet and precious.
Dreams to fill your heart with brightest sun.

I want to write words to make you sing.
I want to hear your lips pour forth golden melodies that
Speak of the abundance of your heart.
I want you to hum to yourself and rock when you think of me.
I want to make your life a symphony of exquisite, unending
Melodies that you can never get enough of.

I want to write words to make you sigh.
Sigh with deep pleasure as you imagine us
Walking together, holding hands, kissing…
I want you to make soft, hi-pitched cries when it overwhelms you because
That’s all you can do.
I want to make it hard for you to breathe because the pure joy is
Too much for one soul to inhale all at once…

I want to write words to make you soar
Words that would lend you wings superior to those of the most majestic eagles
I want to watch you experience the sweet ecstasy of utterly boundless flight:
“Utterly boundless” because there’s no lurking, secret fear that I’ll
Take back those wings and just let you fall afterwards

I want to write words that dispel all your fears.
I want my words to strengthen your heart.
I want you to step forward into my loving embrace with pure, unapologetic confidence
I want you to trust me implicitly and to know my words come straight from my core to yours.

I want to write words to express to you my love.
I want you to tremble and go weak with emotion as you read them.
I want your heart to swell with pride because you know you’re the love of my life.
I want you to feel the warmth of true love overtake you and cradle you in its arms.

But, alas, I find too often that my words fail
And that they do not hold the power to
Capture the lofty, wordless expressions of this enamored soul.
Alas, I am left to face that bitter fact.

Yet, even then, there is still something I’d like to say,
Something I CAN say.
It may not be much but

I want to write to you the words “I love you”!




About walkabwoy

Young. Intellectual. Spiritual. Pragmatic. Talented. Seeker of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. Musician. Writer. Human. Ordinary. Extraordinary. Passionate. Friend. Humble. These are a few words I would use to describe myself. I'm simply a young man in search of something bigger and better in life; not merely in the socio-economic sphere, but in the holistic sense. Life is not simply the biological process of living or the social process of existing.
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