Climax To The Greatest Story Ever Told – Part 5 of 8

Written: June 1, 2013 at 22:10

Hey, guys! So I’ve been M.I.A. My most sincere apologies. April brought its fair share of challenges and I was in and out a lot. Nevertheless the saga must continue, right?

Satan was confused at first, then he realized. Above! Naturally, he could sense his prey from almost anywhere especially when that prey gave off such annoying amounts of radiant, positive energy. He breathed out, sending balls of fire racing towards Christ. Christ was too close to dodge all of those but, for good measure, he punched the air with his fists, setting off a shockwave of pure wind to speed them on their way. Christ’s sword and shield vanished immediately, leaving Him bare-handed. He had but a few seconds to react. He waved His hands before Him, one going up, the other down, as if miming a wall. Instantly a triple-layered wall materialized, made up of two thick screens of water sandwiching a block of ice. It stayed before ever Him, falling with Him. The first layer of water quenched the first fireballs, the ice halted the wind and the second layer of water served as a sure-stop for any remaining attacks.

The king of demons roared in disgust and jumped back to avoid the pillars of water and stakes of ice coming at him. Christ had turned defense into attack and He also didn’t need to see His foe to determine his location. With great dexterity the fallen angelic captain dodged and evaded all incoming attacks. Christ landed, allowing the ice and water to dissipate. He coughed up more blood and temporarily slackened His stance. Satan saw his chance to attack.

“This world has been mine to control since the time of Adam! Even the elements obey me! And in your weakened state, how will You handle this?”

Suddenly the earth started to open below Christ. Instantly He sped away but the fissures kept following Him. Realizing the futility of running, He jumped, launching Himself straight towards Lucifer. Above! He heard the warning in His head and twisted around, facing upward as He flew. He knew what was coming before He saw it. Instantly He summoned His shield and raised it at the very moment the attack started. Lightning descended upon the shield in bolt after bolt. Foresight had saved Him. He whispered a prayer of thanks. The Shield of Faith did the trick, neutralizing the blows. But the force of the attacks pushed Him toward the ground which opened up and swallowed Him. Then stalagmites were attacking Him from everywhere.

Lucifer laughed. He had the advantage now. Christ had been getting progressively weaker. The strain of His physical existence under such dismal conditions as at this very moment on the cross plus the mental trauma and the heavy weight He had to carry now were all affecting His state of being in the spirit realm. He had to admit: had he taken on Christ any earlier than this, he would not have been able to go toe to toe with Him like he was now. In 33-and-a-half years he had taken Him on several times personally but had been faced with no greater chance of success than now. He could really win!

His smile was slowly erased. Suddenly he could sense Christ’s energy coming closer. He stared at the ground, wondering what was happening down there, then gasped as the ground exploded and he saw the tip of a sword aimed at his face coming through the cloud of dust. So fast! It was all he could do to move his head to the right, thereby sustaining a tiny cut on the left cheek. He jumped back and howled in pain. Even the tiniest of cuts from the Sword of the Spirit could deliver excruciating pain to the unfortunate victim. He pressed his hand to the cut and glared at the dust cloud, shooting beams from his eyes in his anger. Why did it seem Christ was getting faster and not slower? He shouldn’t have been able to react to an attack like that in time…!

His eyes almost popped out of his head as he saw the figure of Christ — darting about adroitly and quickly evading the countless beams with such speed that it seemed He quite disappeared from time to time — closing in on him all the while. But how? He should be getting weaker!

Christ stretched out His hand and the sword suddenly stretched and shot forward, becoming a thin, long sword instead of a broad short sword. Satan could only watch it speed towards and impale him — all this had happened in nothing more than the briefest of seconds and he was still airborne, in the middle of the jump backward he had made to avoid Christ earlier. The sword pierced his lower abdomen, but not too deeply. It lodged itself into the demon’s hard outer casing. Then it contracted, pulling him toward Christ swiftly. He changed form as he approached, shrinking several sizes till he stood a bit over 6 feet. His rough scales and warts faded. The feral, rugged features left him. He became once again the Lucifer of old: glowing, beautiful skin and hair; handsome features; immaculate dress; dazzling wings. The picture of elegance. The most beautiful among the angelic race. But Christ noticed his eyes still had that cold hatred about them even in this form.

The sword had left the demon’s body but, strangely enough, he couldn’t move. Then he realized why. Christ had rested His palm on his abdomen. The hand was glowing a bright gold. He was a prisoner. “You’ve got me…Master…” he said bitterly. “I failed. Again.”

Christ surveyed the work of His hands. “You were destined to fail, dear child. Such beauty you had… You had it all. Power. Riches. Respect. Adoring subordinates. Love.” Lucifer cringed at that last word. “Yes, Lucifer, love. You had that too. And because you know what it is and how powerful it is, having once had it and lived in its presence, you have dedicated yourself to erasing it from inside you and, indeed, from the universe. You want nothing to do with it. You now see it as a nuisance.”

Christ fell silent for a while. Then He started again. “There’s much that can be said. But hardly anything you don’t already know. So I will not debate with you as I did in the beginning. I will not plead with you now as then. I know your heart and you have firmly decided you want to destroy Me. You want what was never yours to have. What it is impossible to have. And look as I may, I can find not one instant in the future, near or distant, where you will come to ask Me for mercy and mend your ways. Not one. So I’ll let you have it your way. I’ll leave you to your fate. Though you must know there can be no hope for you in the end. None.”

He paused and an expression of supreme agony and sadness stole across His face. He still loved him. Lucifer was still a beloved son. But He could not, would not force him. His next words to the demon hurt Him far more than the pain He had been enduring since the previous night: “I have nothing more to say to you. Begone.”

He tightened the grip of His fingers on Lucifer’s abdomen and lifted him into the air using some unseen force. The ancient demon glowered at Him. “I hate You…” he spat. The statement cut Christ to His very core. But there was no helping it.

“I’ve loved you from the very beginning, and always will,” said Christ sadly. Then He blasted the demon away on the end of a powerful surge of blinding light. He would see him again soon, He knew. But for now He had secured victory.

He fell to His knees and coughed up more blood. He looked to the sky. “Father,” He whispered weakly. “The hour has come. Do it quickly.” And with that, the darkness took Him and abject terror racked His soul.

It had begun!

Christ Praying



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