Caught In The Crossfire

Written: May 25, 2011 at 02:36

You know the Jamaican proverb that says “yu cyaa ketch Quaaki, ketch him shut”? (Yeah,  I don’t exactly know how to spell that name, lol. Forgive me. Anyway, this translates roughly into “If you can’t grab hold of Quaaki himself, grab hold of his shirt instead!”) In essence, if you can’t get back at Person X, do the next best thing and target someone/something close to them instead.

It’s a principle of revenge that most of us practise regularly and I dare say all of us have seen often enough on TV or read in books, etc. Typical scenario: you make a deal with the wrong guys and when the deal goes sour you try to back out; probably you end up having to make a run for it. And when they can’t find you, they pay your house a little visit, taking along lots of presents which include powder and metal. Boom. There goes your wife, your children, your mom, your dad, your everybody. All because these guys couldn’t find you and couldn’t bother looking. So people who have nothing to do with your business life pay for their innocence and your stupidity/bad luck/whatever you wanna call it, with their lives.

Funny thing is, that’s exactly how a lot of Christians treat God, especially nowadays. Poor Him. Always caught in the crossfire. Always.

Think about the irony of the situation. And the humour, albeit dry. The entire universe is at your command because you made it. You’ve worked yourself to the bone through blood, sweat and tears (quite literally, too) trying to make the lives of your most beloved creatures more enjoyable. And what do the ungrateful wretches do? Turn around, spit in your face and blame YOU for every bad thing they cause upon themselves or that people do to them.

Thank God He doesn’t quite see us the way I just described!

But really, this is some sort of dark humour. A race of beings whose breath will not come without your express permission and whose limbs will refuse to function unless you give the signal have the audacity to challenge your authority and scorn your lovingkindness at the smallest sign of personal inconvenience. But wait, the joke gets better: half of the people just described are Christians, “dedicated” to loving and serving and bringing the world to you. Try to walk in those shoes for a minute. God has had to every single day for at least the past thousands of years, even from the beginning of time itself. Remember Lucifer, the Anointed Cherub that covers (Ezekiel 28:14)? Or perhaps Adam and Eve?

As touching the Christian arena now, you may be wondering how my little analogy ties into this crossfire thing. Well, walk with me just a few seconds more. Isn’t it funny how many “Christians” try to use God for convenience, hurting Him badly in the process? We have 2 many CHURCH-GOERS! Where are the CHRISTIANS, you know, the CHRIST-LIKE ones? We get baptized today and join a church (probably to avoid judgement, not for love of God and appreciation of His sacrifice through Christ) and as long as church is alright, we’re on top of the world. But let those infamous “hypocrites” rear their ugly heads; let a hurtful rumour start to spread; let enemies rise up against us in church and see what happens next. We not only leave the church, we leave God! We totally backslide.

Now, that’s just not fair. Is your church your god? Or is Jesus your God? Did Jesus hurt you or did “church”? Why punish God for something other people did to you? That’s like saying you’ll never eat ice cream again because you bit your tongue while eating a toffee yesterday: completely absurd. Understandably, when church disappoints you and you get hurt by the very people who were supposed to help you, it leaves a mark. A big one. But get used to it! People are just that: people! They won’t be perfect. Not in this lifetime. Even with the best of intentions we often end up hurting those we love or those who trust us. But my mistake should not be and is not a valid reason to write off God. My shortcomings only show MY imperfections, not His. If anything, they’re a reminder to put my trust fully in God alone for indeed “the arm of flesh WILL fail you; you dare not trust your own.” We can’t afford to be so thin-skinned. Everything hurts us. Even things that shouldn’t. We’re offended far too easily; turned off and discouraged in the blink of an eye. And so a holy, perfect God who gave up everything for me and has done nothing but bless me my whole life suffers for my imperfections and those of the people around me. Nuff a wi need fi guh back inna wi Bible (Many of us just need to get back into our Bibles).

If Christ was like any of us, so hyper-sensitive and thin-skinned and impulsive when He was here, mankind would still be doomed to outer darkness forever. What happened to the Be-Attitudes and stuff? “Love them that hate you…bless them that curse you…pray for them that despitefully use you…” Are we a generation of Christians or just childish church-goers?“Blessed are you when men persecute you and revile you for My sake…REJOICE…!”  We were told we’d be hated and used and abused and ill-treated, remember?

So please. Let’s not make God a casualty of our failed human interactions. Church is good but it doesn’t get you saved or bring you to Heaven. It didn’t die on a cross for you. Jesus did. Any organization made up of human members in this life WILL NOT be perfect. Are we really about to let some powerless, sin-stained, unprofitable human beings — professing Christians or not — rob us of ETERNITY WITH GOD??? Let’s build some character! Show the Devil seh Christian nuh weak fence (a line fr Lt. Stitchie’s song)! We were TOLD he’d use the saints against the saints. How easily will YOU fall?

I pray you will decide now in your heart that you will stand up even after getting knocked down. Please, don’t let God suffer for mistakes He didn’t make. In the end His sacrifice for you will have been in vain and you would have lost all hope of joy and peace forever… Stay with Him, even when the world and even your Christian brethren get on your last nerve. Your last nerve, emotions and pride aren’t worth wronging God over and sending yourself to Hell over. Seriously.

God bless.



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2 Responses to Caught In The Crossfire

  1. This is so beautiful – the heart of your message is just plain Truth, and our world sorely needs it! Beautifully written!


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