Climax To The Greatest Story Ever Told – Part 7 of 8

Written: June 1, 2013 at 22:11

Just one more to go before the saga comes to a close! Part 7 is present!

“Father!” He felt a fleeting thread of relief. It wasn’t to be indulged in, for it was merely transient. But for the moment, He was Himself again, the Beloved Word with, by and for Whom the worlds were formed. And this regal, daunting figure before Him was the Father that had loved Him for all eternity, the Father Who held Him in highest regard and esteem. Just for the next few short moments He would not be the Bearer of human error and sin and punishment, not be the object of the terrible wrath and disgust of Almighty God.

“You have done well, My Son.” His Father smiled. That smile of approval was what He most craved now in His lowest of moments.

“Thank You,” He answered. He had not heard this voice at all since His agony in the garden. In fact, ever since then He had been helplessly submerged in a sense of loneliness, of being cut off from His Father. He knew His Father’s thoughts well. After all, they were really a single entity, a single being existing in a trinity of persons. He knew why it had had to be this way. All this had been meticulously planned out aeons in advance. And He knew His Father’s thoughts at this very moment. He looked up to see what had captured Jehovah’s attention, although He knew only too well what He would find there.

It was hard to miss, especially in the presence of such radiant light coming from the Father. A shapeless, grotesque, pulsating mass of impenetrable darkness; endlessly vast and extending up into the heavens, stretching on forever… In fact, it was getting bigger all the time. That was due to sins of the future, He knew. Sin itself was a force that by nature had the ability to keep multiplying indefinitely, even to infinite proportions. But added to the massive amount already accumulated from all times past and present was the equally horrendous volume rushing in from the future. And He had been carrying all of that up to this point. There was no helping it. He had to deal with ALL sin; not just some, not just that of the past and present. And it would seem a daunting task — nay, an insurmountable task — from the vantage point of any finite, created being.

But that is why He had had to be the One to dispose of this menace. Only an infinite bridge could span an infinite gap. Only a sacrifice that was infinite in nature could ever atone for a crime that itself stretched forth into infinity. Only God Himself was big enough and great enough to surpass and outstrip the confines of sin, always growing to contain it within Himself and there slay it forever. This was not a task that anyone but the Eternal Creator could accomplish. Not a goat, a cow, a dove, a lamb. Not a human. Not an angel. They had protested the plan, desiring that God should choose one of them instead of subjecting the beloved Jewel of Heaven to dying a cruel, criminal’s death for a race gone rogue. Their allegiance and love for Him had been flattering, preferring to become the sacrifice themselves rather than watch Him endure the shame and the pain. But it was impossible. Sin was just that terrible. It would keep growing and recreating itself wherever it went like an infernal, mutated super-virus, and only a doctor who could always keep up with its changes and growth rate without spending himself could keep it in check.

The writhing thing gave off a putrid, horrible, rotten stench. He wanted to retch. He wanted to get away from it. The human in Him was being overwhelmed. But His part wasn’t over yet. He knew back in the physical realm He had mere seconds left to live. But before He died to that world He would have take the ultimate step and go one level beyond merely carrying the sin. He looked at the vast thing above Him and saw all that it entailed and every single human it had ensnared, literally every human who had ever walked and would ever walk this earth. And He saw the dismal future it promised all of them. Eternal torment and separation from God. What He had already tasted on their behalf and was now about to experience in full measure. He sensed the hatred it held for the holy Figure that stood before it, for the Creator. It did not have a consciousness to speak of, for it was a mere thing. But the collective consciousness of all its victims was what gave it its being and meaning, and that consciousness could be felt keenly within it; and so that one united will became its own. It wanted to destroy Him, to subdue Him. Only His power was preventing it from moving freely. It struggled. It shrieked, piercing the very air and drowning out all else. It couldn’t stand being in the presence of a holy God. It wanted to escape or to destroy that holiness. “It” here being the conscious expression of human hatred for their Creator rather than the thing itself, for what is “sin” but the conscious choice made by conscious beings to rebel against their Creator?

“It’s time, Son.” Jehovah’s countenance became very serious. “This is the end. I will show no mercy.”

“I know. I’m ready, Father…” He replied. The fear suddenly gripped Him again. His moment of reprieve had ended. But He didn’t pine for it to come back. His love for Adam’s fallen race far outweighed any thought of personal comfort or safety. He’d been prepared for this for a long time. And He could sense His Father’s endless, undying love as well. Jehovah was standing face to face with the one thing in the universe that He had not created and had never wanted to come into existence, the only thing that He would ever be able to hate. The thing that had very nearly destroyed all that He loved if not for His intervention. And He wanted it gone, finally and for all time. Now He would pour out the full measure of His fearsome anger on it.

Only, He would also be pouring that out on His beloved Son as well. In effect, on Himself made flesh. The nature of sin — of any crime or misconduct — was that it could not be dealt with independent of a person. Sin by itself is a mere concept — abstract, powerless, devoid of feelings and consciousness. It is something upon which beings with consciousness act; and only then does it become real, only then does it become concrete and powerful. Therefore it is meaningless outside of the context of conscious minds and punishing the thing itself would also be meaningless and impossible. One cannot actually punish an offense, but he can and should punish an offender. So the alternatives were thus: 1) to punish humanity in its entirety where naturally none would be saved since all have sinned, and watch them being punished forever since no one can ever stop paying for his own sin which multiplies and becomes increasingly more influential like an addiction, drawing him further and further down the road of depravity until there is literally no hope of return or redemption and not even a desire to escape or stop (like the addict or the twisted serial criminal), or 2) to lay all that sin on another conscious Being who was worthy enough and strong enough and perfect enough to bear it all without ever becoming infected with a desire to succumb to it, and yet was big enough to take all of it into Himself and extinguish it for all time, thus saving the beloved humans and offering them another alternative to sinning through His power and sacrifice. The choice was obvious. The sacrifice would be worth it. After all, the loved ones would be able once again to stand in God’s presence as beloved children, and death holds no terrors for or power over One Who is Almighty God.

“Let’s begin!” Jehovah began suddenly. “I will take Your righteousness and apply it to them while applying their guilt solely to You…NOW!” So saying, He released His psychic control of the coagulated blob of sin and immediately it took on the form of a hideous dragon and charged at Him.

Jehovah’s anger was kindled like never before. This thing He was faced with was the embodiment of all human hatred and rebellion towards Him. As He looked at it He could see and hear every individual word, thought and deed that had ever been wrong. He heard the blasphemies, the lies, the cries for mercy, the obscenities, the cruel jokes, the cries of ecstasy from people and groups engaging in illicit sex, the screams of innocent children being abused, women being raped, jeerings, teasings, cold-blooded murder, intoxication, theft, tears over loss or death, sadness, fear, misguided anger, contempt for parents, idolatry, homosexuality, greed… The list went on and on without end. Why would they even want to go down a path full of chaos, fear and death like this one instead of the path of love, peace, paradise and perfection He had set out for them? And –wouldn’t you know it– having essentially spit on His offer and thrown it in His face, declaring they could and would find their own way without Him, every day even the worst of them sent up feverish prayers to Him begging Him to fix or provide some thing or other.

It was laughable in its own way, really.

But the moment of truth had come. The plan had been enacted perfectly thus far and it was time to finish it once and for all. He drew His sword and advanced quickly. He rocketed upward to meet the fell beast. Mars or Ares, the Greco-Roman god of war could not even begin to hope to match the grace and speed of Jehovah of Armies. Nor could any of the other millions or billions of gods that humanity had invented to steal the glory of the one true God. The creature brought fetid claws down upon the Creator. His eyes flashed in anger. This was such a simple matter. He could end this in less than a second without even bothering to move a muscle. But meeting this thing head on had to be done to prove a point, to drive that point home: there really was NO god like Jehovah and there would never be anyone or anything with the power to supplant Him.

With blinding speed He countered the blow with His blade. The monster and its claws made Him look so tiny and insignificant by comparison, yet the simple action sent the wretched thing rocketing away. It was as if a man had swatted away a fly. The horrid thing was thrown back, flying away at incredible speeds. There was now a great distance between them. But Jehovah would not stop there. Instantly He had closed the gap and slashed clean through the colossus with a single strike. It fell to the ground, cut in two.

This wasn’t over yet, however. The two halves quickly reconnected themselves and the creature lay on the ground spreading out as far as the eye could see, like a veritable ocean, and writhing in what must have been pain or fear. It was up against overwhelming, absolute power.

Wrapped in light



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