Remember… (Part 1)


Remember that you did not bring yourself here. Remember that you owe your very existence to forces and laws and circumstances about which you know next to nothing and over which you could never hope to have control. Remember that these circumstances and laws and forces could not have taken place without the involvement of people, among whom two must be given special mention. Remember that, love them or hate them, these two people are who they are and cannot unbecome such neither with time nor money nor wishing nor complaining nor adoption nor abandonment nor death. They are, now and forever, Father and Mother. Remember also that, love them or hate them, all that you value and like or love about yourself is traceable, directly or indirectly, in one way or another to these two persons if for no other reason than the fact that they are the direct reason why you are even here to have things about yourself to like and be proud of. Remember that this weighty consideration, among others of similar import, is the rationale for the command to honour father and mother.

Remember that your parents and ancestors did not bring themselves here. Remember that they owe(d) their very existences to forces and laws and circumstances about which they could know next to nothing and over which they could never hope to have control. Remember that these circumstances and laws and forces could not have taken place without the involvement and direction of GOD. Hence, remember to live life with an attitude of humility. In dimensions that you or I know nothing about and can never enter as we are now resides the Being who was both intelligent and powerful enough to craft, engineer, set in motion and direct every single thing you can or cannot see or hear or touch or taste or smell in this vast universe of ours. Remember that this Being sees and knows all and is intimately aware of everything that goes on in His universe. Remember to stop regularly to contemplate God, the world He has made you a part of and your potentialities and responsibilities therein.

Remember that you are but a drop of rain in the ocean of all creation. Remember you inhabit a little blue marble surrounded by vast space too wide to be measured or fathomed by human instruments or minds, and which is also home to titanic structures that dwarf your little blue marble and reduce it to the comparative size of an atom. Remember that there exist incredible physical constructs beyond your world that could usher in instant death and utter destruction to all in your world if only they were to collide into it or even simply cross its path. Remember that this aforementioned group of potentially lethal physical constructs include any of the other planets, some asteroids and, perhaps most frighteningly, our very own sun. Remember, then, the frailty of human existence. You are not immortal, neither are you as powerful or as superior as you may sometimes feel. There are forces and existences and dangers in your universe of which you are not even aware. Humble yourself and consider how small you are in the universe.

Remember that you are not just a drop in the ocean of all creation. Remember that you inhabit the little blue marble that just so happens to be the most enigmatic and miraculous of all the enigmas and miracles which no doubt flood the universe in its entirety. Remember that on this little blue marble is played out the supremely enigmatic and miraculous drama called LIFE, both in the biological and metaphysical sense. Remember that our best investigations have taught us that if we were positioned as much as a centimetre closer to or further from the sun we would have burnt up and died or frozen over and died respectively. Remember that for all the imposing bodies and dangers in space our planet has never once come face to face with even the merest threat of external destruction. Remember that in spite of our frailty we have survived for years upon decades upon centuries upon millennia. Indeed we find in the universe such pristine and precise order, such calculated clockwork, such relentless regulation of matter and energy; and all tuned and structured so as not to threaten or hinder life on our planet. On the contrary, it is all set to encourage said life. Someone has been orchestrating all this. Someone, not something. It could not be a thing that has so unfailingly and miraculously caused us to remain safe even while being so small in such a vast and unending expanse of celestial bodies and forces and dangers. It could not be a thing that has so beautifully engineered everything to sustain and support the world we inhabit, both from within and without. Someone has been zooming in on this tiny blue marble. Someone has made it centerstage. Remember, then, that you are important even among the countless elements of the universe. Humble yourself with this thought and rejoice in the virtue and value placed upon you even in the midst of everything else. Even if you do not find favour or love in the eyes of men, you have a Divine Lover who cares about you enough to know your name, your location and everything else about you even among the multitude of His unfathomably vast creation.

Remember that you have been given freedom at birth. Remember, no man can take this freedom, this power from you. Men may find effective ways to shackle your body or hold you in their debt, but there exists no shackle for the human soul except those shackles it allows. Remember that peculiar thing called choice. Remember both the feeling and the reality of it. Remember that it is a gift, but not one that you can shy away from. You will be required to use it, even in difficult situations or otherwise in cases where you would rather not choose. Remember choosing is an honour. Remember that choice equals power. This is why it is an honour. Each choice you make is an invitation from the Divine to embrace your birthright as His child: your Father is a creator and so must you be. Your Father is free and so must you be. Your Father is powerful and so must you be. But, more than that, remember that you are not the only child and hence not the only one with the power of choice. There are many others like you. And just like you, your Father has given them this supreme birthright. Allow others their right to choose and to be free. Your Father is gracious and bountiful and kind. So must you be.

Remember that choice comes with RISK and RESPONSIBILITY. The words “With great power comes great reponsibility” may have come from the lips of Uncle Ben but they were first formed in the mind of God Himself. Remember that you should never act on every little impulse just because you are free. Remember that you have lost sight of both yourself and your Heavenly Father if ever you find yourself maliciously undermining or taking away another’s freeedom. Your freedom should not come at the cost of robbing the freedom of another person or group of persons. Your Father is gracious, remember, and so must you be. Your father is also meek and humble, even though He is THE authority for the whole universe. Shouldn’t you who are merely a frail child and who can do and know only so much and no more seek even more so to be meek and humble?

Remember that, for all your choosing and power, there are some things you do not get to choose. This is also a part of your responsibilities as a free creature. You do not get to make or change the rules of the universe simply because you desire to. Gravity will not stop its workings at your whim. You cannot stay the planets in their courses simply because that is your wish. You cannot make 2+2=22, even though you may rationalize and calculate and even convince others successfully. You cannot make it right to steal or rape or murder. You cannot choose when, where in geography or history, under what circumstances and to whom you are born. You cannot make a same-sex union fruitful or right. Even if you have chosen that path, as you are fully free to do, or otherwise hate men or women for whatever reason, you cannot change the fact that you and everyone else who has ever lived or will ever live enters this world through the actions of one man and one woman, and no other combination. You cannot make people like you by being domineering and selfish. You cannot hide the truth without it finding a way to come out. You cannot rob someone of his humanity, though you may ostracize or enslave or attempt to paint him in such an undignified light. You cannot give or take away human dignity and identity. You cannot make someone love you, neither by will nor by magic. You cannot stop the march of time. You cannot change the past. You cannot un-say spoken words.  You cannot halt the process of aging or negate the reality of death. Now, remember, you are free, and as such you have it within your power to TRY to do all these things. But it simply is not within your power to ACTUALLY CHANGE any of this. Why? Because one cannot alter the laws and purposes of the Divine. He Who has given you the power to choose and the freedom to be has also imposed upon you a specific framework within which to exercise those rights. And that framework, unlike some other things, has never been up for debate.

Remember that life is what you make it and that precisely for that reason there are a million and one ways to live, but among those million and one ways you will find good-better-best and bad-worse-worst…




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Young. Intellectual. Spiritual. Pragmatic. Talented. Seeker of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. Musician. Writer. Human. Ordinary. Extraordinary. Passionate. Friend. Humble. These are a few words I would use to describe myself. I'm simply a young man in search of something bigger and better in life; not merely in the socio-economic sphere, but in the holistic sense. Life is not simply the biological process of living or the social process of existing.
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2 Responses to Remember… (Part 1)

  1. Toni Lawr says:

    This is extremely insightful, and very refreshing.
    Remember you are not so much a speck in the universe, but remember how great and important you are to the one who created it.
    Remember you are free to choose and create as you please, but remember there are laws of the the Devine Creator that will never allow somethings though you choose, to be actualities.
    I hope you continue to write with depth and wisdom you have…
    Be blessed.


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