Birthed Into Greatness

Two tiny cells become one
After the precious deed is done;
No more two are they,
But a single entity:
Destined to grow,
Destined to be,
Destined to thrive,
Destined to be free.

Time is the cradle.
Joined at the navel
To the life of the Protectress;
The child of an Empress.
Destined to breathe
Destined by decree
Destined to know
Destined to see

Divine will directs it
Divine Word erects it
From a minuscule construct
Into an inscrutable, astounding edifice,
And destines it to feel,
Destines it to give,
Destines it to hope,
Destines it to live.

Coddled by Nature,
Loved by the Creator,
It bides its time in silent safety
Counting down the birthing days
Destined to walk
Destined to speak
Destined to transition
To strong from weak

And at long last the moment comes
Though without fanfare or beating drums
The Life emerges healthy and whole
The universe welcomes its newest soul
Destined to dream
Destined to progress
Destined to love
Destined for greatness.

Birthed Into Greatness.jpeg



About walkabwoy

Young. Intellectual. Spiritual. Pragmatic. Talented. Seeker of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. Musician. Writer. Human. Ordinary. Extraordinary. Passionate. Friend. Humble. These are a few words I would use to describe myself. I'm simply a young man in search of something bigger and better in life; not merely in the socio-economic sphere, but in the holistic sense. Life is not simply the biological process of living or the social process of existing.
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2 Responses to Birthed Into Greatness

  1. orwell1627 says:

    Excellent and inspiring, even to a non-believer. I have a baby on the way, so this is particularly relevant to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • walkabwoy says:

      Hi, Orwell1627! It’s been a while! I’m really sorry about that. I just haven’t been keeping up with WordPress thanks to some of the other happenings in my life, but let’s say I’m back now! I’m happy you found this inspiring, and CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m excited for you! I know you’ll make a great dad! Looking forward to more of your insightful comments. Please permit me to say, God bless you!


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