Before the break of dawn

I walk across the lawn

And watch the sky transform from black to blue.

No sleep assails my eyes

No yawns, no tired sighs

These all are chased away by thoughts of you.


My soul awaits the day

I watch, I yearn, I pray

My eyes scan distant skies for signs of sun

Because when light bursts free

From black obscurity

A time of joy with you will have begun


My sunburst! Yes, you are!

My radiant, shining star

I wait in darkness till you take the skies

The cold assails my heart

And pierces like a dart

O, Love, grant me your warm smile for my prize!


In blackest, starkest night

I pine after the light

That only your sweet surfacing can bring

And though a dark despair

And chill hangs in the air

I know that at the break of day I’ll sing


I’ll sing a song of love

About my gentle dove

Who brings light to my world on wings so fair

I’ll dance upon the grass

And watch the ages pass

With arms around my Sun, my Queen, my Dear


So hurry to me now

O, object of my vow

And chase these clouds of darkness quite away

From now until you come

My heart will dream of home

And anxiously await the break of day!

Forest Dusk (



About walkabwoy

Young. Intellectual. Spiritual. Pragmatic. Talented. Seeker of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. Musician. Writer. Human. Ordinary. Extraordinary. Passionate. Friend. Humble. These are a few words I would use to describe myself. I'm simply a young man in search of something bigger and better in life; not merely in the socio-economic sphere, but in the holistic sense. Life is not simply the biological process of living or the social process of existing.
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