About Walkabwoy

Hey, everyone!

I’m Aldane Walker. “Walkabwoy” is what my mom has sometimes called me ever since I was little. For those who don’t speak Jamaican, it’s a nickname that essentially means I’m my father’s son (“Walka” = a “Jamaicanization” of my surname and “bwoy” = “boy” in Jamaican creole).

I’m young. I’m proudly Jamaican. I’m a guy who loves reading, writing, music and languages. I also love to reason about just about anything. I’m always up for an intelligent discussion. One of my guiding principles is “Small minds discuss people; average minds discuss events; great minds discuss ideas.” I’m an idea kind of guy.

I try not to limit myself. I read voraciously. I tackle a wide variety of topics in my reading. I try to expand my scope and I have a thirst for knowledge. I enjoy reading about history. I adore mythology: Greek, Norse, Celtic, Babylonian, Japanese, Chinese — you name it, I’ll want to read up on it! I find that I learn things I couldn’t have normally just by reading these things. Science. Sociology. Politics. Law. Religion. I’ll gladly read all about all of these and more. I also love philosophy. As I said, I’m an idea kind of guy :-P.

I love music! I sing it, play it, write it, compose it and (struggle to) read it… Lol. I write poems and stories and fact and fiction and everything in between.

I’m also a Christian. I love being one and enjoy talking about it. I enjoy talking about Jesus and learning more about Him, discussing Him with others and occasionally defending my faith when the need arises (I actually REALLY enjoy that last part). Oh, yeah! I’m also just blown away by the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. The whole Bible, to be sure, but I just have to make special mention of those two. I also make a point of reading the holy writ of other religions or, failing that, at least reading up on them. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to actually have deep discussions with those of other faiths. I consider that a privilege in and of itself.

So now you know a bit about me! As for this blog, It’s where I express myself as honestly as I know how — through my writing. You’ll probably find that my mind works in what some would call strange or even extraordinary ways. I’ve heard both over the years. Here I’ll write about anything. I consider no topic off-limits, and I also try my best to be as objective as possible. At times I’ll wax poetic and write what I hope are soulful verses on love — or the lack thereof. At others I’ll grapple with some baffling theological concept. At still others I’ll proffer my views on some controversial issue. And at yet others I’ll just share random thoughts, observations and insights or reason in-depth about something or other that I consider to be important to me and those around me.

Sometimes I’ll be weird and quirky. Sometimes I’ll be grave and sober. Occasionally you may think I’m downright hilarious. Occasionally you may shake your head and cover your face in embarrassment for me at some epic comedic failure… But through it all, I’m really aiming to explore the depths of my heart and those of others and to grow wiser for it. I’m all about the honest pursuit of Truth and Wisdom wherever I may find it, for I firmly believe all truth is God’s truth and that He has diffused it among people of all times and locations and cultures and beliefs (Romans 1:19-23). I merely want to find those precious nuggets of truth — wherever and in whomever they may be — extricate them from the deceptions and pitfalls that may have surrounded them and then watch them shine the way they were meant to, ultimately using them as my beacon.

To that end I try to keep as objective a mind as possible. I’ll field all ideas, but I will also not just accept them all. Not without at least some attempt at thorough analysis. I will not shun any one person or group of persons for any reason other than that I find that they do not share my passion for getting to the core of things. I do not know it all. I’m painfully aware of that fact (thank God), so I try my utmost to really listen to others. I’ve learned that I can never predict where, when and from whom I’ll get new and powerful insights. So often it has come to me in the most unlikely places, at the most unlikely times and from the most unlikely people! As long as you are willing to reason with me, I’m always open to you, regardless of the differences we may have. In fact, I look forward to it! 🙂

So please join me on this journey of self-exploration and truth-seeking and expression and fun and idleness and weirdness and sobriety and reasoning. If you won’t, that’s unfortunate but I’ll respect your decision. But if you will, I’m already throwing a party over here! Welcome and thanks for sharing this moment in time with me! Let’s make it a time to remember with broad smiles!





4 Responses to About Walkabwoy

  1. breezenthrough says:

    I like the way you think 🙂


  2. I love the way you introduce yourself and your blog – its super inspirational, especially because I’m trying out the same kind of thing: seeking truth anywhere and everywhere, all for the Greater Glory of God. Keep it up! I look forward to getting to know you!

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