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The One Essential We Mess Up Most

Today I want to talk about an issue that has been very damaged and damaging over the years. To my mind it is the single most important, multifaceted and misunderstood issue we have to deal with in the world, not … Continue reading

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Bitter Strength

You know, sometimes it’s really hard following God. Oh, wait — never mind. Scrap that “sometimes” nonsense. It’s pretty much ALWAYS really hard following God. And by “following” here I don’t mean believing in Him or committing to His ways, … Continue reading

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Birthed Into Greatness

Two tiny cells become one After the precious deed is done; No more two are they, But a single entity: Destined to grow, Destined to be, Destined to thrive, Destined to be free. Time is the cradle. Joined at the … Continue reading

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